Database for Animals Entangled in Marine Debris

Marine debris consists of man-made objects cast adrift in the ocean, either washed into the water from land-based sources or discarded from vessels at sea. In Hawai`i, marine debris drifts into our waters and comes ashore all year, every year, and, unfortunately, there has been marine debris in our oceans for as long as there have been people to create it with no end in sight. Marine debris of any size poses a threat to the health and safety of the human population as well as birds, all marine species, and the fringing coral reef that protects our shorelines from erosion.

Here are the confirmed entries for marine debris collected by Mililani Students on various coastal areas on Oahu. For more information contact Jennifer Kuwahara (

Marine Debris Sources Legend:
SA = Shoreline and Recreational Activities (beachgoers, sports/games, festivals, litter from streets/storm drains)
OA = Ocean and Waterway Activities (recreational/commercial fishing and boat/vessel operations)
SM = Smoking-Related Activities
DA = Dumping Activities
MD = Medical/Personal Hygiene
FN = Items with Foreign Language on it