Pouhala Marsh




Waterbirds at Pouhala Marsh consist of the Hawaiian Duck (Hawaiian name: Koloa, Scientific name: Anas wyvilliana), Hawaiian Stilt (Hawaiian name: Ae‘o, Scientific name: Himantopus mexicanus knudseni), Hawaiian Moorhen (Hawaiian name: ‘Alae ‘ula, Scientific name: Gallinula chloropus sandviceensis), and Hawaiian Coot (Hawaiian name: ‘Alae ke‘oke‘o, Scientific name: Fulica Americana alai). These species are resident, nonmigratory species that are endemic to the Hawaiian Islands. They are all listed endangered species under the Endangered Species Act and State of Hawai‘i endangered species law.

Each of the four waterbirds species has its own preferences for habitat, nesting, and foraging areas. The Hawaiian Stilt prefers mudflat habitat and adjacent vegetated areas for nesting and feeding. They feed on a wide variety of aquatic organisms found in mudflats and shallow water habitats.