Pouhala Marsh



Existing Conditions

Land Use Controls

The State Land Use designation is “Conservation” (C) with a subzone designation of “Protective” (see Figure 2‑1).  Based on the State of Hawai‘i Conservation Lands Functional Plans, which is a subset of the Hawai‘i State Plan, the functional plan details the objectives, policies, and implementing actions for activities within areas designated Conservation. The subzone designation further classifies conservation lands into five categories: 1) protective; 2) limited; 3) resource; 4) general; and 5) special. The Pouhala Marsh is in the protective subzone, and the objective is to protect valuable resources, such as wildlife sanctuaries, marine or plant life, or significant historic or archaeological sites.

County Zoning designation for Pouhala Marsh is “Open” and the entire site is within the Special Management Area (see Figure 2‑2).

Tax map keys numbers for the site are 1-9-3-01: 1, 2, 6, 12, and 21 (see Figure 2-3). Parcels owned by the City consist of four totaling 86.5 acres and parcels owned by the State are two and total 24 acres.

The Waipahu Town Plan, December 1995, recognizes Pouhala Marsh as an open space resource for the Waipahu area (see Figure 2-4). At that time, a wildlife sanctuary was proposed for this marsh, the marsh has since been designated a wildlife sanctuary by the DLNR. A historic railroad right-of-way traverses the mauka boundary of Pouhala Marsh.

In the City Sustainable Communities Plan, the site is designated “Preservation” surrounded by “Residential,” “Public Facilities,” and Pearl Harbor (see Figure 2‑5).

Existing land uses in the area consist of single and multifamily residential to the north, public facilities to the east, military lands to the south, and the Pacific Ocean to the east. Public facilities to the east contain the Police Academy.


Figure 2-1. State Land Use District Map


Figure 2-2. County Zoning District Map


Figure 2-3. Tax Map Key


Figure 2-4. Waipahu Town Plan

Figure 2-5. Central O'ahu Development Plan