Mokulua Islets State Wildlife Sanctuary

Size:                                    24.1 Acres
Access:                                Restricted to areas below high water mark.  Commercial activities by permit only.
Seabird Species Present:    Uʻau Kani or Wedged-Tailed Shearwater (Puffinus pacificus), various common shorebird species.
Threats:                               Lantana Camara, Koa Haole (Leucaena leucocephala), Passiflora spp., Cenchrus spp. and various other introduced grasses.

Management Goals and Objectives:

  1. Monitor commercial and recreational activities on the islets.
  2. Inspect and regulate permitted commercial activities.
  3. Control invasive weeds and feral pigeon populations
  4. Establish higher densities and numbers of native plant species
  5. Survey and inventory nesting seabird species.  Transects has been established along base of hills on each islet to monitor fledglings with greatest human interactions.
  Nesting habitat, Mokulua Islet
Summary of WTSH nesting, 1996-2010, N. Mokulua Islet
Summary of WTSH nesting, 1996-2010, S. Mokulua Islet