Kekepa State Wildlife Sanctuary

Size:                                   1.9 Acres

Access:                               Closed

Seabird Species Present:   Oʻu or Bulwer’s petrel (Bulweria bulweri) and Uʻau Kani or Wedged-Tailed Shearwater (Puffinus pacificus), various common shorebird species.
Threats:                              Sandbur (Cenchrus echinatus), Chinese Violet (Asystasia gangetica), Spanish Needles (Bidens alba var. radiate), and Sonchus oleraceus.


Management Goals and Objectives:

  1. Prevent disturbance to seabirds, including prevent destruction of seabird burrows. Seabirds nest nine months out of the year.
  2. Prevent introduction of invasive species.
  3. Prevent destruction of sensitive vegetation from trampling.
  4. Eliminate shore-based fishing and collection from intertidal areas to protect marine resources.
  5. Protect public safety due to the island being a dangerous landing location.