Outreach, Information and Education in DOFAW Wetland Wildlife Sanctuaries


The objective for the Oahu Wetland Management Program is to provide assistance in the management of wetlands in the Oahu Wildlife Sanctuary system which includes:
Hamakua Marsh             Kawainui Marsh           Pouhala Marsh
Kawainui, Hamakua, and Pouhala Marsh This is accomplished by coordinating outreach, education and information with communities interested in wetland restoration.  By informing the public of DOFAW projects and operations, this program allows for an overall enhancement to wetlands by getting communities involved in restoration and providing volunteer opportunities.  A major part of this project is meeting with community groups active in ecological restoration, historic/cultural preservation, environmental compliance, public access, and other relevant issues on DOFAW managed lands.  Providing learning materials and hosting service trips in Wildlife Sanctuaries is a key component to educating students on the important role these wetlands play in their communities.