Waipa Foundation Portal

The portal for the Waipa Foundation was created in collaboration with the Center for Conservation Research and Training, University of Hawaii at Manoa, as a focus for environmental cyberinfrastructure developed in Waipa Valley through funding provided in FY 2003 – 2009 by The National Science Foundation’s EPSCoR Program (Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research). Waipa Valley is a small Hawaiian “mountain-to-sea system” of about 5,000 acres located on North Kauai which has been drastically altered by human uses including extensive periods of rice cultivation and cattle ranching. About thirty years ago, the Waipa Foundation (a non-profit organization) was started by native Hawaiians residents to restore and sustain the biophysical resources of Waipa and to perpetuate Hawaiian culture by revitalizing the traditional growing of wetland taro (or kalo) as a food staple.