Mobile Data Access

Use of mobile devices such as phones and tablets can help field researchers, students and community citizen science surveyors to take notes or fill in forms and have it sent directly to the database.  Forms can be customized to look and feel like the field forms that researchers have become familiar with.  Forms can also be customized for teachers to be sure that student gather the information that is needed for their projects.  These customized forms also help with standardizing data formats allowing for sharing across different platforms.  GPS locations from your mobile device and photos can be taken from the cameras on your device and connected with the record entry and sent real-time to the database to streamline and increase efficiency in data collection.
Click the image to see a sample of the data collection
Other mobile apps allow for input through the use of a map and dropping a pin to your location and entering data in a customized form from that point.  Data entered here is saved within an ArcGIS map.