Hawaii Stream Research Center

The Hawaii Stream Research Center (HSRC) is a field laboratory focusing on studies in Hawaiian freshwater ecology.  Located on the island of Kauai, the HSRC is a research unit within the Center for Conservation Research and Training at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and is directed by Michael Kido.
The Hawaii Stream Research Center (HSRC) was established in 1996 as a cooperative agreement between the University of Hawaii (Center for Conservation Research and Training), the State Department of Land and Natural Resources (Aquatic Resources Division) and the National Tropical Botanical Garden (Limahuli Gardens).  The mission of the HSRC is to assist the State of Hawaii in its efforts to develop responsible, effective, science-based management policies and strategies which provide for the long term sustainability and enhancement of aquatic ecosystems.  In 1998, Mike Kido established the Hawaii Stream Bioassessment Protocol, which is used to assess the health of streams in the State. The State Department of Health and the City and Counties within in the State have contracted with the HSRC to conduct surveys of each of the major streams within their respective jurisdictions to assess their biotic and abiotic integrity.  Mike Kido has developed a watershed health index for the state which is widely used by agencies for assessing stream ecosystem health.
To learn more about the Hawaii Stream Research Center, visit their website at http://www.hawaii.edu/hsrc/home/welcome.htm.